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How to Use the Template in your computer

       Not all people can use all programs that was provided in their computer. here I am,In this special time I wanna share with you guys, how  to use resume template in your computer which using microsoft office 2007 as data operational system.
   - Template in microsoft word 2007.
a.       Firstly, turn on your computer, make sure that you have windows software operation.
b.      Open the Microsoft word
c.       Then, select the office botton in the top left of your computer.
d.      Select new, it contains form of template then, choose a resume and CVs template.
e.       Wait a minute, after appear  three optional basic resume, job-spesific resume and situation-spesific resume, choose a basic resumes
f.       There will be any types of resume templates you can select which one is appropriate with your data that you want to fill in it.
g.      Click download, and the special template are ready to work.
h.      After you finish to fill the template, don’t forget to save, and you can look the result of your work
Hopefully, this simple way can help you to do your job easily. Thank you very much

Spirit Today


  "Stay away from people who try to turn down your ambitions. a small people always do that, but real great people make you believe that you also can become great "- Mark Twain

  “The idea of ​​Alexander Graham Bell also been ridiculed by his friends. They thought it was impossible. However, because he believe with the effort and his responsibility to help deaf people in their life, like his mother and wife, Alexander Graham Bell succeeded in creating a telephone which is now very useful to people.

  “Arjuna, remember you've fought so far, don’t let a small thorns able to inhibit a horse step of your journey life.just continue your efforts. People who underestimate you are the ones who don't know what to do anything in their lives.

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