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Fever of Football Imprisoned the Drowsiness


          Semarang, March 26, 2014 exactly at 3:00 am, When some people asleep in their bed , but not for the football enthusiast . They are willing to left their  blanket and then flock to visit a place where they can release  their desire to watch a football soccer .for example in Café Tunjang , Café which located  near with University of Muhammadiyah Semarang in east Semarang.  Fun place to hang out moreover it could be to watch a football game like that morning. Darkness and cold morning it seemed to have been imprisoned in Azkaban Jail . Working and school in the next day as their daily activities have been lost far and eaten by the roar of the people . incredible , especially the team who play is a great team like that morning " Derby  Mancester " for exact name. The competition in the english  Premier League this season it seems not one of the several reasons why the match between team Mancester United Vs Mancester City is excited to seize the eyes of the world community . yes ! ! between prestige and want to show who is the best  in city of Manchester  is more appropriate as the reason . Cheer and shout customer in the café this morning directly disperate the silence of the morning , why not , almost 200 visitors filled the place which have been provided but it wasn’t enough,  even there were costumer saw from the parking area because they didn’t get a seat. Enjoy and fun faces seems for the supporters  the Citizen ( the name of mancester city’s supporter) opposite to the Red Devil fans ( the name of Mancester United's supporter ) 3:0 for Mancester city team,  this defeat increasingly convinced the world would a bad trend of the performance of red devil that led by David Moyes in this 2013 - 2014 season .

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