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Posted by : ARJUNA VARA Selasa, 29 April 2014

As an affirmation of the democratic state that is the General elections to elect representatives who will sit in the legislative. Triggered by the spirit of its predecessors has become Qibla in choosing representatives once every 5 years. This election is part of a Country effort to build a better country than before. That's a bit of meaning elections perceived by the author as an Indonesian citizen.
Democratic party which was greeted by some communities in Indonesia, all citizen who live in Indonesia and abroad. High expectations and enthusiasm to participate in the selection of candidates who will carry the fate of this nation will be like what, it could be changed to be better, or perhaps the opposite.
As one of the main points to be concerned by candidate is fully supported by the community. Support through ballots in elections that determine whether or not a candidate has the right to fill the legislative seat. That's what behind the existence of unique fenomena that occurred in the community as a result of the efforts follow a candidate to be able to get as many votes as possible in elections.
Money politics, the term cool in the world of politics. The author here just to share stories directly experienced significantly in the day of election. Envelopes knocking on the door in the general election representatives. Envelope-door outstanding citizens in each of these diverse values ​​ranging from 20 thousand to 50 thousand rupiah. So, you could say with a family consisting of 4 people,  so they can raise funds of at least 80 thousand from one candidate in election. Can you imagine how many candidates follow in election ?. Fantastic,  isn’t it?? Mechanism of giving this envelope also was interesting, there were directly given by a candidate, a successful team or through an influential figure in the community. Their goal were the same, namely that citizens could envelope recipients to vote against the candidate.
There are 3 classifications has been given  the author for the envelope recipients. The first category is the envelope recipients have been fooled, the envelope recipients have fool and the envelope recipients is  consciously. The first category is the envelope recipient have been fooled,  it’s mean  a recipient of an envelope in election he received and follow what is desired by the giver envelope, then in this case the receiver has been fooled because they have swapped  the fate of the nation  in the next 5 years with an envelope. The second are those who accidentally received an envelope, but they did not vote in accordance with what is desired by the giver envelope, "fool" the term because he "consciously" aware that his voice in an election determines the fate of the nation. The last are those who are aware that when he received the envelope from giver of envelope they think it also mean we are supporting the  first step of candidate to corrupt. What is going on with our country if the seats of legislative will be filled by corruptors.

             In conclusion the authors suggest that we are as a part of a nation we should support the efforts made by government to improve the country through an election as democratic party.

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