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FIFA World Cup 2014 for All Ages


World cup is the biggest event organized by FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) once every four years. Excitement, joy and sadness will become a drama in this matches. Brazil were chosen to become a host of the biggest competition this year. they provided  12-stadium and also the beautiful places that can be visited by the tourist from all country who came to support their team in this competition.

The excitement of the world cup 2014 is not only limited in brazil country alone. Every person wherever they are who do not have the opportunity to see directly the world cup choose to do similar activities such as Nobar (watching together), Nori (watching by yourself) and there is also some people choose to hold a small football tournament to enliven the big football party. For example in Wolo village, Grobogan regency central java Indonesia. There’s something interesting in that village. The leader of the wolo village chose to hold an inter-village football competition with participants aged 40 years above. awesome, thick mustache, graying hair and skin that will start wrinkled as if there’s not become  a reason for them to dribble a ball in the green grass. Once great again, the commentators  also gave an update news of the results of  world cup match in Brazil during of the match. Although their age is old but their spirit is like youth.

when Punctual is Unusual

        I am Indonesian and I proud to be Indonesian. I am also happy to have the diverse cultures that spread  over from Sabang to Merauke, between Raja  Ampat and Wakatobi Island. The  pride that has been embedded of birth is starting deterred by bad habits winds that occurred in Indonesia and even  worse, many stereotypes of people of the world that Indonesia is not appreciate of the time.
        Time is really important for the people in the world. Time is an opportunity given by the creator to someone to do what they wanna do, such as work, shopping, vacation, greet and share  with old friends. The time can mean disaster or death for man who every day of his life will be reduced directly. It can also be transformed into the figure of the enemy when we have to complete the task of lecturers today it feels we hate it with the name of time.
        Conscious or unconscious, the time always accompany every second time of a person's life. Such as that morning, everything had been prepared before to show my great faculty event  on campus this year. The name is English Festival. I’m as a member in the execution  of the program just to get the information that I had to come exactly at 6:00 am that morning. Actually  it very difficult to get up and come to school in early morning. I just thought that I should arrive on time today I want to cut the assumption from people about my bad habit to always be late if I go to college. Hehee ...
        Spirit to helping the faculty in the yearly event turned into a little anger that grows from the heart which has been considered that the Indonesian people less able to arrive on time. I can only be silent and wait until approximately 30 minutes. Then, the leader of the event came and the other members followed one by one. I asked the leader of the "why you come late miss ? she replied " late is better than not come" I immediately was suddenly quiet and think this is the figure of leader  that should be an example for us ? how when everyone has the same answer when they are late in an event?

       Say no to that. for my brothers and sisters around the world , not all people in Indonesia have a habit of unappreciate of the time because there are still also many people of Indonesia who respect the principle of time. Thank you very much

How to Use the Template in your computer

       Not all people can use all programs that was provided in their computer. here I am,In this special time I wanna share with you guys, how  to use resume template in your computer which using microsoft office 2007 as data operational system.
   - Template in microsoft word 2007.
a.       Firstly, turn on your computer, make sure that you have windows software operation.
b.      Open the Microsoft word
c.       Then, select the office botton in the top left of your computer.
d.      Select new, it contains form of template then, choose a resume and CVs template.
e.       Wait a minute, after appear  three optional basic resume, job-spesific resume and situation-spesific resume, choose a basic resumes
f.       There will be any types of resume templates you can select which one is appropriate with your data that you want to fill in it.
g.      Click download, and the special template are ready to work.
h.      After you finish to fill the template, don’t forget to save, and you can look the result of your work
Hopefully, this simple way can help you to do your job easily. Thank you very much

Spirit Today


  "Stay away from people who try to turn down your ambitions. a small people always do that, but real great people make you believe that you also can become great "- Mark Twain

  “The idea of ​​Alexander Graham Bell also been ridiculed by his friends. They thought it was impossible. However, because he believe with the effort and his responsibility to help deaf people in their life, like his mother and wife, Alexander Graham Bell succeeded in creating a telephone which is now very useful to people.

  “Arjuna, remember you've fought so far, don’t let a small thorns able to inhibit a horse step of your journey life.just continue your efforts. People who underestimate you are the ones who don't know what to do anything in their lives.

Election, Envelopes knocking The Door


As an affirmation of the democratic state that is the General elections to elect representatives who will sit in the legislative. Triggered by the spirit of its predecessors has become Qibla in choosing representatives once every 5 years. This election is part of a Country effort to build a better country than before. That's a bit of meaning elections perceived by the author as an Indonesian citizen.
Democratic party which was greeted by some communities in Indonesia, all citizen who live in Indonesia and abroad. High expectations and enthusiasm to participate in the selection of candidates who will carry the fate of this nation will be like what, it could be changed to be better, or perhaps the opposite.
As one of the main points to be concerned by candidate is fully supported by the community. Support through ballots in elections that determine whether or not a candidate has the right to fill the legislative seat. That's what behind the existence of unique fenomena that occurred in the community as a result of the efforts follow a candidate to be able to get as many votes as possible in elections.
Money politics, the term cool in the world of politics. The author here just to share stories directly experienced significantly in the day of election. Envelopes knocking on the door in the general election representatives. Envelope-door outstanding citizens in each of these diverse values ​​ranging from 20 thousand to 50 thousand rupiah. So, you could say with a family consisting of 4 people,  so they can raise funds of at least 80 thousand from one candidate in election. Can you imagine how many candidates follow in election ?. Fantastic,  isn’t it?? Mechanism of giving this envelope also was interesting, there were directly given by a candidate, a successful team or through an influential figure in the community. Their goal were the same, namely that citizens could envelope recipients to vote against the candidate.
There are 3 classifications has been given  the author for the envelope recipients. The first category is the envelope recipients have been fooled, the envelope recipients have fool and the envelope recipients is  consciously. The first category is the envelope recipient have been fooled,  it’s mean  a recipient of an envelope in election he received and follow what is desired by the giver envelope, then in this case the receiver has been fooled because they have swapped  the fate of the nation  in the next 5 years with an envelope. The second are those who accidentally received an envelope, but they did not vote in accordance with what is desired by the giver envelope, "fool" the term because he "consciously" aware that his voice in an election determines the fate of the nation. The last are those who are aware that when he received the envelope from giver of envelope they think it also mean we are supporting the  first step of candidate to corrupt. What is going on with our country if the seats of legislative will be filled by corruptors.

             In conclusion the authors suggest that we are as a part of a nation we should support the efforts made by government to improve the country through an election as democratic party.

Fever of Football Imprisoned the Drowsiness


          Semarang, March 26, 2014 exactly at 3:00 am, When some people asleep in their bed , but not for the football enthusiast . They are willing to left their  blanket and then flock to visit a place where they can release  their desire to watch a football soccer .for example in Café Tunjang , Café which located  near with University of Muhammadiyah Semarang in east Semarang.  Fun place to hang out moreover it could be to watch a football game like that morning. Darkness and cold morning it seemed to have been imprisoned in Azkaban Jail . Working and school in the next day as their daily activities have been lost far and eaten by the roar of the people . incredible , especially the team who play is a great team like that morning " Derby  Mancester " for exact name. The competition in the english  Premier League this season it seems not one of the several reasons why the match between team Mancester United Vs Mancester City is excited to seize the eyes of the world community . yes ! ! between prestige and want to show who is the best  in city of Manchester  is more appropriate as the reason . Cheer and shout customer in the café this morning directly disperate the silence of the morning , why not , almost 200 visitors filled the place which have been provided but it wasn’t enough,  even there were costumer saw from the parking area because they didn’t get a seat. Enjoy and fun faces seems for the supporters  the Citizen ( the name of mancester city’s supporter) opposite to the Red Devil fans ( the name of Mancester United's supporter ) 3:0 for Mancester city team,  this defeat increasingly convinced the world would a bad trend of the performance of red devil that led by David Moyes in this 2013 - 2014 season .

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